Friday, April 20, 2007

Chomp Chomp - The Iconic Makan Centre!

Let's talk about the legendary Chomp Chomp Food Centre, which sells really 'shiok' and yummy food! The hawkers nicknamed the place "Chomp Chomp" (probably because that was the sound of eating which many happy and satisfied customers made, while 'chomping' down their food!), and since then it has been fondly referred to as Chomp Chomp. The food centre is well known for its fried chai tow kuay, popiah, hokkien mee, barbecued-chicken wings and seafood.

In the '60s, the stalls at Chomp Chomp were originally located at where the current bus-stop and public carpark now stands, opposite the present hawker centre. Then in 1972, the stalls were moved to its present location and adopted the name "Chomp Chomp". As the hawkers gained fame for their varied and tasty dishes, the name became an appropriate onomatopoeia, reflecting the sound of frenzied eating.

The open-air food centre underwent renovations which saw a roof set in place by 1 April 1998. Plans for this had been discussed since September 1996 in conjunction with discussions of the ownership of stalls. Although simple in design, Chomp Chomp remains a key landmark in Serangoon Gardens. It was revamped and reopened in November 2002 after several months of renovations. The new food centre saw an expansion of space and new hawkers joining the established stall-holders.

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