Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Greenery in Serangoon Gardens

The eighties saw Singapore enjoying the fruits of the Government's efforts to green up the island. As Singapore made considerable progress on the economic front, so did its reputation as a Garden City. Meandering tree-lined roads interspersed with lush parks and gardens created a unique green ambience that drew accolades far and wide.
Not one to rest on its laurels, the Government then embarked on a programme to fine-tune the green programme for quality as well as ensure efficient management of resources in maintaining this tropical oasis. As part of on-going efforts to enhance the island's green ambience, planting policies were focused on provision of shade along walkways and roadsides.

To create a garden effect, fruit trees, flowering and fragrant plants were planted in parks, residential suburbs, schools and in the grounds of institutions such as hospitals, police stations and community centres. Due to competing land uses for residential, industrial and commercial developments, creative urban planning came into play to ensure optimal usage of land.

Park planning had to factor in elements such as location of population centres and accessibility. At the same time, park designs had to be innovative, stimulate creativity as well as capture the imagination of the community. Where natural assets existed, they were capitalised upon and enhanced. Where they were lacking, much effort was put into creating an identity to provide a point of differentiation that will appeal to a wide spectrum of the population. This included installation of sculptures, challenging playgrounds and creating habitats to attract wildlife such as birds to the parks....for more information, please visit Singapore, The Garden City

Here in Serangoon Gardens Estate, we too have some parks and gardens to be proud of....